25 Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Kids

young asian girl crying while her parents fight

Parenting is an undeniably difficult job—and having your kids at home 24/7 while schools and daycares are closed can make it even more stressful. Unfortunately, that additional layer of stress during an already difficult time can sometimes manifest in ways you’re not intending—like being short with your kids or saying things you don’t mean. If you want to keep your relationship with your children on steady footing, read on for the things parents shouldn’t say to their kids.

1″You’re so dramatic.”

parents looking at son sitting on couch, prepare children for divorce

However certain you are that your kid’s behavior is over the top, labeling them “dramatic” when they’re trying to express themselves can have serious long-term consequences.

“Children look to their parents to learn how to manage emotions, so if parents teach them that their feelings are silly, they will grow in to adults who believe that their feelings don’t matter,” explains Kate Loewenstein, LCSW.

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